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Blog: Tackling dehydrated skin and hormonal acne with Rejuran HB

I recently visited Dr Lam Bee Lan from Ageless Medical on my hormonal acne and dehydrated skin. It turns out that she has cracked the code on how to maximise the effects of Rejuran HB by combining it with technologies such as LDM ultrasound and Excel V laser.

I do suffer from hormonal acne and dehydrated skin, believe it or not.

My skin still retains the bounciness from my first Rejuran HB treatment more than 15 months ago and with regular sunscreen use, the pigmentation that used to scatter around my temples have not returned in a big way. However, the one thing that bothered me was that my skin is still relatively dry. I had an organic facial a few months ago and was surprised when the therapist did not believe me when I said to her that I moisturise my facial skin twice daily. Although she had difficulty telling my age and praised the texture of my skin and its good clear tone, she claimed that it did not have the optimum levels of moisturisation that healthy young skin should have.

When I visited Dr Lam Bee Lan at Ageless Medical and told her about my concerns, she said that she was going to offer me another Rejuran HB treatment, but this time, combined with LDM ultrasound and Excel V laser treatments.  She reminded me that my skin has always been on the dry side. In fact prior to my first Rejuran HB treatment, I had the occasional episode of mild psoriasis that recurred on my left cheek which could not pick up any cosmetic colours. It had since been resolved and now colours glide on that area effortlessly without tugging or irritation.

This time she prescribed the LDM treatment followed by the Excel V Laser, and finally the Rejuran HB treatment.

Effective for reducing inflammation, LDM is a treatment method which applies different ultrasound waves at once to produce mechanical and heat effects in the skin tissue.

Photo by Elogio Asia.

LDM is a treatment method which applies different ultrasound waves at once to produce mechanical and heat effects in the skin tissue. Effective for reducing inflammation, it can be applied as a standalone treatment for dermatological conditions such as acne, psoriasis (which I had), eczema, atopic dermatitis, and to accelerate wound healing, among others. It can also be applied in combination with other treatments such as lasers and injectables to reduce the downtime for those treatments. I had previously written that the weals that appeared on my skin after my first Rejuran HB treatment took about 16 hours to fully subside, with the under-eye area taking longer to subside compared to the rest of my face.

Ageless Medical moved into a larger space at Wheelock Place late last year.

Photo by Ageless Medical

The LDM treatment was comfortable and did not require numbing. Done by a therapist, the handpiece was applied onto the facial skin in an upward motion; and felt very comfortable, like a warm stone massage. The therapist did only the right side of my face at first, so that I could compare the side that had not been treated, with the side that had been treated. There was certainly an immediate lifting effect.

Then I was asked to undergo the Excel V laser treatment. Excel V is a high-power laser featuring two wavelengths targeting skin conditions such as fine lines, enlarged pores, sun spots and age spots. It felt like a warm massage which was applied all over my face including the under-eye area. At times I felt a little prickliness where the skin was sensitive – such as under my nose – but otherwise it was not unbearable. Dr Lam said that this would maximise the regenerative effects of the Rejuran HB treatments and help increase the moisturisation level of the face.

Dr Lam said that the Excel V laser would make my skin feel a little more sensitive to the Rejuran HB injections; which was why I was given a painkiller while waiting for the numbing cream to set! While the pain was not completely eradicated, it was a little more bearable in the areas where it had been sensitive previously. Dr Lam also went over my nose to tackle the pores and hormonal acne that would sprout there whenever it was the time of the month. I did not have any spots there at the time of the treatment, so I wondered if the treatments would keep the spots at bay.

The verdict:

  1. The weals subsided in only 12 hours compared to the previous treatment (16 hours), but I also developed needle marks that took about three days to completely subside. Dr Lam said that this was due to the increased sensitivity of my skin after the Excel V laser treatment. After the treatment, I used foundation for more thorough coverage as I had a few meetings in that time. This was something I tolerated as I have been used to wearing minimal makeup (foundation, concealer) even on special occasions.

  2. The moisture levels of my skin started to peak around two weeks after the treatment, especially after application of moisturiser.

  3. I have not developed any hormonal acne on my nose at the time of the month; and it has been two months since the treatment! In fact the skin on my nose appeared visibly smoother, and the black heads have reduced considerably in size and number.

Ageless Medical is at 501 Orchard Road #04-10 Wheelock Place . Visit

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