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Blog: Picosecond technology for lightening dark circles

PicoSure, the new generation of lasers that uses picosecond technology for skin rejuvenation and lightening pigmentation with zero downtime and immediate results.

Dr Joseph Yang (photo is his own)

Until now I have had limited experience with lasers except for my underarm and bikini line which I have described in some detail in my previous blog on laser hair removal. It is the prickly feeling when the laser is directed onto my skin that can be unbearable; not because it is painful but because it feels irritating to my skin. If you have read my blog, you would know that every other month my nether regions are subjected to two sessions of laser treatments; one after the other. The first is the Candela Gentlemax for hair removal followed by the RevLite treatment to lighten the hyperpigmentation that I have accumulated from too many waxing sessions previously.

Enter the newest generation of aesthetic laser, the PicoSure. The PicoSure is named after the unit of time its laser pulse is measured in — a picosecond — which is one trillionth of a second. The previous generation of medical lasers use nanosecond technology which is only one billionth of a second.

So what does that do for my skin?

At Aesthetics and Medical Clinic, I consulted Dr Joseph Yang who has been using aesthetic lasers for 30 years since the first fractional laser was introduced in the late 80s. According to him, “The laser pulse from the PicoSure is so fast and so powerful that it actual changes the way the laser delivers energy to the targeted cells. Rather than heating the cells up as previous generations of lasers did — and potentially causing damage to skin — it impacts the targeted layer of subcutaneous skin like a shockwave. This makes it safer to use and capable of more precise applications than previous generations of lasers.”

Compared to previous generations of lasers, the treatment duration for skin rejuvenation is shorter, and you need fewer treatments to achieve results, which is the perfect last-minute solution for revellers who want to look their best for the year-end parties!

The PicoSure laser is built on picosecond technology. Most lasers use nanosecond technology.

First, his assistant helped me remove my makeup and took photos of various angles of my face. Then I was led into a room and onto a treatment bed. He first tested the laser on the inside of my right wrist to give me an idea of what the treatment would feel like. And not surprisingly it felt so much milder than any laser treatment that I have experienced. When I asked Dr Yang if numbing cream was necessary he said that it wasn’t; he wanted me to retain the sensation in my skin so that he was aware of my comfort level, not to mention eliminate the likelihood that he might be damaging my skin without my feeling it.

His assistants put cotton wool and goggles over my eyes and the treatment began.

While I certainly felt the prickliness of the laser as it went over my facial skin, it did not feel particularly uncomfortable. As an added measure to comfort and cool the skin, one of his assistants would wipe the treated skin with cotton soaked in cold water after Dr Yang had gone over it with the laser.

It was only when Dr Yang went over my nose that I felt more of the prickliness; he said this was mostly because of the presence of blackheads on my nose. Plus the sides of my nose can be quite dry and sensitive and would flake slightly on occasion. Dr Yang also applied the laser on my eyelids and undereyes; which was uncomfortable only because I could not tuck my eyes far back enough in my sockets to avoid the very bright guiding light of the laser.  Although I have more pigment on my undereyes and eyelids than on the rest of my face, it did not feel as prickly as I had anticipated.

At the end of the treatment which lasted all of 20 minutes, if that, my skin looked and felt smoother and more even, in fact it appeared a shade lighter. There was no downtime at all; my skin did not even turn pink and there was no smarting in the aftermath that you might expect of some laser treatments.

The next morning, I could not see or feel the rather tiny blackheads on my nose when I was cleansing my face and get this: my under-eyes appeared one or two shades lighter. This is an amazing discovery for someone like me who has been suffering from dark eye circles even as a teenager. Plus, Dr Yang had only gone over my under-eyes only once in the last treatment! I would definitely recommend returning for another round of PicoSure to lighten darkness under the eyes, especially when done following a tear trough treatment with Restylane fillers to counter the depression under my eyes.

The usual post-laser treatment guidelines apply; remember to use sunscreen and stay out of the sun. It has been nearly a week after my first PicoSure treatment and my skin has not reverted to its pre-treatment state; it looks and feels smooth to the touch even as of this morning!

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