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Blog: A new chin for better fengshui

It has been seven months since my first Dysport Dermalift botulinum toxin treatment but my face is still holding up; not that I need to prop my eyelids up with toothpicks or staple my wattles to my jaw to look human. Eighty to 90 percent of my crow’s feet have been kept at bay, but my glabellar lines are becoming just a tad more visible to my very critical eye and only because I have a habit of squeezing my eyes while in deep sleep.

The newly launched Ageless Medical Centre at Orchard Parade Hotel is spacious and conveniently located

Dr Lam Bee Lan from Ageless Aesthetics examined my face one day while I was accompanying her to a radio interview and she said that the Dysport Dermalift treatment seemed to have a more lasting effect on me than some people; most need to have another round of jabs five months after their first treatment. She said I could wait for another one or even two months, but I thought I’d go for my treatment sooner rather than later as my calendar is filling up fast especially in the next few months and I might not have the time or be in the mood to go.

Dr Lam’s newly-opened Ageless Medical Centre clinic at Orchard Parade Hotel is more spacious and conveniently located than the Ageless Aesthetics outlet at Thomson Plaza. If you are driving, don’t park at the hotel which charges exorbitant prices; there are other more reasonable parking alternatives at the end of this article.

After I registered, Dr Lam examined my face and said that she was going to give me an eyebrow lift and something else in her words, that would “harmonise my face”: a new chin. She would inject a dense hyaluronic acid filler in my chin followed by Dysport botulinum toxin to keep it in place.


According to Chinese Fengshui, a prominent chin and jawline – as long as they are proportionate to the rest of your face – indicate one’s ability to store wealth, resulting in a prosperous and comfortable old age. If there’s any truth in this, I’m actually investing in my old age by going for the treatment! As usual, I have kept my God-given jawline; I’m not a fan of the Korean V-shape.

After a round of “before” photos and application and setting of numbing cream, I was led to the treatment chair once again. Dr Lam injected the toxin in a zig-zag manner into the dermis on my forehead, along my hairline and the sides of my face, before revisiting my crow’s feet and glabellar lines. I noticed there was almost no pain except for the sensitive areas such as the hairline at which point I learnt that Dr Lam was using a new numbing cream called Lidopin; ask for it on your next treatment, especially if you’re an aesthetics virgin!

Post-chin. Can you see Sara?

She then injected a new hyaluronic acid filler into my chin, called the Teosyal Ultra Deep. The injections were quite deep and more painful than the Dysport injections in the same area. I was advised not to rest my chin on my hands or any surface for the next one week as this might displace the filler. Dysport was injected into the chin to relax the chin muscles so that the filler can stay in place much longer.  I was also told that regular chewing and talking should not displace the fillers. Dr Lam then shaped my chin with gloved fingers. It was only after antibiotic cream was applied to my face that I was allowed to touch my new chin; which felt strange, as if I’ve planted the seed for a new head. In the before and after photos, you’d notice that my new chin – which I’ve named Sara – is more noticeable in the profile, where it appears slightly elongated and pointed.

The glamorous Dr Lam Bee Lan

I was told that my new chin would last from six to nine months, but not all of the filler will disappear. According to Dr Lam, “The injected hyaluronic acid will stimulate the body to produce more hyaluronic acid which is in natural abundance in healthy, youthful skin. Say if a patient returns for another round of jabs after six months, her next injection is likely to last longer, say nine months to a year. This means that she will need top-ups less and less frequently.”

The usual rules apply after treatment: no saunas, swimming or vigorous exercise that would cause me to pull funny faces. I was also reminded to be gentle when washing my face and not to have alcohol as this may dilate the blood vessels and cause the toxin to diffuse. As I don’t mark or bruise easily and the needle marks were minimal, I was comfortable with going grocery shopping right after the treatment. I slept on my back for the first night, but I was back to my usual foetal position the following night.

To be honest, my face felt tighter than after the first treatment. There was no visible bruising although the rubber band sensation remained for almost five days and my chin felt slightly sore for two days. Chewing and talking took more effort; which was probably a good thing for those looking to trim their waistlines (and storing instead of spending wealth), but the effect wore off after a few days.

As to whether this treatment would have any effect on my old age, you’re welcome to check back with me in 30 years! Right now I’m enjoying the fact that I look refreshed, rested and even attentive although I’ve been working late and at times not sleeping well. My side profile looks sharper and more defined and none of my colleagues and friends could tell what I have done to my chin until I brought it to their attention. I must also add that although I haven’t had any touch-ups to my under-eyes at the last session, they appear fresher and lighter!

All photos except for bloggers’ photos are courtesy of Ageless Medical Centre, #01-11. Orchard Parade Hotel, Singapore. Tel: +65 6734 4007. Clinic Mobile: +65 8181 0680.

Parking options:

(1) Angullia Park (open air carpark beside Wheelock’s Place) Mon-Sun whole day $0.50/30min. It’s a 5-min walk from the carpark to Orchard Parade Hotel.

(2) Forum Shopping Mall (beside Orchard Parade Hotel) Mon-Fri: $2.40 for 1st hr and $1.20 for subsequent 30min. After 5pm $3.20 per entry. Sat $2.60 for 1st hr and $1.40 per subsequent 30min.

(3) HPL Building (next to Hard Rock Café) is open to public on Mon-Fri after 6pm: $3 per entry and on Sat after 1pm at $3 per entry.

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