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My name is Nanny Eliana. Since I was six years old, I've wanted to be a fiction author. 


Being jostled from household to household from since I was a child and a series of manipulative and vindictive bosses as a young adult, drove me to write freelance for a living. At 25, with a wall phone, a laptop I took six months to save for, and a dial-up internet line, I started Bridges M&C, a public relations and copywriting business, out of a cubbyhole in a Circular Road shop house.


Soon after, I began writing a novel as a means of processing my life’s conflicts and the characters who contributed to them, and was encouraged to continue when in 2010, I received an Arts Creation Fund grant from the National Arts Council to complete it. In 2011, I began going for therapy, and in the following years, partly driven by a subconscious fear of poverty and uselessness, fiction writing gradually took the back seat to make way for a busier, and more settled, domestic and professional life. 


Today, my business has grown from a one-woman outfit, to a team of 10 serving the medical and healthcare industries in the ASEAN and Asia-Pacific region from the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur offices.  


As a result, this blog, which was originally intended to showcase pieces of my fiction writing, has been carrying medical aesthetics reviews — thanks to the medical aesthetics doctors I meet in my line of work —the occasional travel or food review, and some “aimless musings”.


Will I eventually get back to fiction writing in a more sustained way? Bookmark this page to find out.

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