Book Summary

WRONG TURN, RIGHT PLACEĀ is a picaresque, exotic, erotic novel. Written by a Muslim woman,

Loosely based on the true life of a famous Muslim rock star from Malaysia, WRONG TURN, RIGHT PLACE, explores the pressures created by religious impositions on a passionate, carnal life. It is a rare front row view into the culture clashes now occurring within the Islamic culture of South East Asia, disrupting families and confusing individuals.

Nanny weaves the shocking and arcane, the traditional and beloved aspects of the Muslim world with the edgy reality of the modern one. You’d be hard pressed to find another Muslim novelist in South East Asia able to convey these dichotomies;Ā much less one with such a lustrous, confident voice and obvious talent for characterisation.

Our narrator, Salina, loses her job and has no other choice than to return home, to her dyspeptic conservative dad, for Eid. In the depths of despair and boredom, after all of these years on her own, she finds herself thrust into the middle of an explosive friendship between two very different but very privileged and magnetic characters – a Malay rock god and a European fashion photographer, men with everything at their fingertips and most of it forbidden. Salina is torn as she watches as these two men face their personal cliffs and feels for herself the pull of the abyss.