Blog: Quick-fix good skin with laser

Blog: Quick-fix good skin with laser

On a bright late afternoon prepping for an important dinner event and trying my hand at a lite version of my usual smoky eye.

My good skin is the result of good habits over the long term rather than quick fixes. However it’s not all the time that my skin feels up to accepting an unexpected invitation to attend an event or meet a person, so what do I do?

Whether you are a newbie to medical aesthetics or have tried everything up to date, if you need good skin in a jiffy, I would always recommend a laser treatment with an experienced doctor like Dr Joseph Yang from Aesthetic & Medical Clinic. Quick-fix treatments should produce results while keeping downtime – needle marks, bruising, redness, and other side effects – to the minimum, as it could get in the way of your making an excellent first impression. An experienced doctor like Dr Yang would tailor a gentle treatment for you that would still produce noticeable results, that even brown-skinned women like me have no fear of developing hyperpigmentation.

The treatment was very similar to a particular treatment I have undergone in the past. It was practically painless and could go on for only as long as you have the time; the more time you have, the more time Dr Yang has to treat your skin and the more time you have to let the effects set in.

I have always liked the Dual Yellow laser’s very relaxing effect which can help reduce that butterflies-in-the- tummy feeling before that important meeting. In this instance it also had the happy side effect of reducing the size of the single stress pimple which recently popped up on my chin. However, I would not guarantee that it would instantaneously reduce acne for people who have been having acne.

The laser treatment reduced fine dehydration wrinkles and pigmentation on my skin, making it appear brighter and more even-toned.

Dr Yang’s usual recommendation was that I go without makeup for the rest of the day to allow the effects to set in but because I had an important dinner to attend, I had to flout this. Makeup and colours applied like magic after the treatment; as the skin was better moisturised, effects of makeup and colours looked natural, blended in and not cakey. In fact, my skin was so good after this treatment that because I used less makeup than usual, I had more time to perfect my eyeshadow techniques.

Dr Joseph Yang is based at Aesthetic & Medical Clinic, Wisma Atria, #17-04, Tel: 6733 7073


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