Blog: A facial that rejuvenates your skin and relaxes you

Blog: A facial that rejuvenates your skin and relaxes you

Facials ought to be relaxing as well as good for the skin, and if you need a treatment where you can get some personal downtime while nourishing your skin, look no further than the Silkpeel Dermalinfusion at the NU U MediSpa.

This is me with Raine Chew, who went to great lengths curating the treatments for the NU U MediSpa

Choosing a facial for my sensitive skin is not quite like ordering food on Grab. I tend to stay away from facials that involve any sort of exfoliation as my skin tends to break out and/or itch afterwards. However upon hearing that the menu of services at NU U MediSpa was put together with advice from medical professionals and that the Silkpeel Dermalinfusion treatment had been tested on many women with sensitive skin, I decided to give it a whirl.

The Biologique Recherche products used for the Silkpeel DermaIinfusion treatment

First the therapist removed makeup around the sensitive eye area with Solution Demaquillante Pour Le Yeux, followed by the Lait U. Both products are from the Biologique Recherche line-up of skincare products formulated by dermatologists.

Me in my unglam state having my skin suctioned by the Dermalinfusion hand piece

This was followed by the Dermalinfusion hand piece which was applied to every inch of my facial skin. The pneumatic chamber at the tip of the hand piece lifted my skin by suction, removing dead skin cells thanks to a recessed exfoliating diamond in the tip, while simultaneously infusing my skin with serums which have been formulated to plump, moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. I was told that applying the hand piece around the lips and nasolabial folds can also help with increasing circulation around that area, resulting in less prominent folds and natural-looking plumped up lips.

What I also liked about the treatment is that blackheads and whiteheads were not forcefully extracted; something which could do the skin more harm than good. Instead they were gently dislodged from the pores with the Ultrasonic Face Skin Scrubber which was in essence a vibrating spatula.

The facial was concluded with a cooling masque on my face to reduce the pressure hives* that have formed on my right cheek due to the suction action of the Dermalinfusion handpiece. Half hour after the treatment, not only had the hives gone down, I looked and felt rested. My lips also looked naturally full and plump and my eyes looked less tired. The next morning I noticed that my skin looked brighter, which was something I would not expect after an ordinary facial, but this was no ordinary facial!

I would certainly recommend undergoing the treatment before a big event!

*I am prone to developing hives on my skin especially pressure hives. Otherwise hives are not a common reaction to the facial.

Photos by Shah Rizal Baharudin

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